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Monday, July 21, 2014

An Adventure in Refurbishing

Right before the 4th of July weekend, I started a project which for me was an adventure in furniture refurbishing.

We moved into our nearly 90 year old house a little over 2 years ago.  Our only goal before we moved in was to have our almost 1 year old's (at the time) room completely put together.  We picked paint colors, furniture, etc.  And from the first step, we failed.  We got three walls painted when the plaster on the fourth wall started to flake off.  Running out of time, we decided to just put the furniture together and move on. Crib, then dresser 1 got pieced together and we were out of time.  It took us almost another year to get the second dresser assembled. It was rickety and partially broken from the start.

Nearly another year passed when mom and dad started planning their move to the farm. In the shuffling of belongings, they found that they no longer had need or space for the dressers I had passed along nearly 5 years ago.

Et voila, two dressers for the munchkin with bookcases!
copy right Lauren Clancy 2014
However, they were cream with a floral pattern on the top drawers - not very boy-friendly.
copy right Lauren Clancy 2014
I decided to remedy this with a little paint.  Now, I am not the family member with the artistic eye, that would be Keva. So after much discussion, reviewing of color options on one of her pinterest boards, I was set on a color set.
copy right Lauren Clancy 2014
I was going for fun and bright, but soothing.  The orange is the accent color, small doses.

The project took four  half days. Day 1 was sanding and 1st coats for the orange on the shelves of the bookcases, the dresser drawers, and parts of the dressers.
copy right Lauren Clancy 2014

copy right Lauren Clancy 2014
Day 2 was coat #2 for the orange shelves and the dresser drawers. The dressers were fully painted - 2nd coat for part and 1st coat for the rest. And lastly 1st coats for the non-orange parts of the bookcases. Day 3 was 2nd coats for everything that needed them. Day 4 was polyurathane for the dresser tops and spraypainting the dresser pulls.

I replaced the top drawer dresser pulls with plain round ones, but reused the rest of the pulls.
copy right 2014
The final results came out with flying colors when Popi, my dad, came by to help get them upstairs and leveled. The hazards of a nearly 90 year old house is slanted floors.

copy right Lauren Clancy 2014

copy right Lauren Clancy 2014

copy right Lauren Clancy 2014
Next project is fixing the plaster wall and painting the wall a very light blue.  Here's to hoping the paint job lasts at least a little while with a rambunctious toddler.


  1. Lauren, I'm glad to see the finished product - I will see them in person this weekend at Liam's bday celebration. I was very happy to assist you with the project. You did a GREAT job - they look wonderful