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Friday, July 25, 2014

Quick and Yummy Tuna Cakes

copy right Lauren Clancy 2014
This afternoon on the way home from work, Sean (my husband) and I started our typical daily discussion of what's for dinner. I used to plan dinners a week at a time, but recently since Sean has started to cook too, we've been winging it a lot.

As he headed out the door to mow the lawn, I headed to our pantry to scope out what our options were. I was looking for a new way to combine what we always have around when crab cakes popped into my head.  Now crab is not usually in our repertoire but tuna and salmon are.

So I headed up stairs to see if I could find a recipe to make tuna cakes.  I found this one.

copy right Lauren Clancy 2014
I'm sure if you follow the recipe, the cakes turn out really well. However, I didn't have the Parmesan or the green onion, so that's where I started to make changes.  I added mixed blend shredded cheese and said forget it about the onions.

Also, once I added the tuna, I realized that the cans I had were 7 oz not the 6 oz called for in the recipe, so I added another egg and more about 1/8 cup of bread crumbs.

We ended up with 16 cakes instead of 8, just because of an extra 3 ozs of tuna.

They got rave reviews from both the husband and the toddler!


  1. I do heart a good salmon cake! Never had tuna cakes but sound good to me!
    (jenn m)

  2. After finding out there were awesome cold too, they've become a staple. And they are a pretty quick meal.