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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Organizing Fun

I don't just organize at home, its a trait I carry along with me like some women carry small dogs in hand bags. So when a table/desk went wanting in the hall at work, I eyed it and went that'll fit in my office, over my lateral file and I could really use the work space. My office is 8 foot by 8 1/2 foot.

Some strong muscled men and a little work later and while it "fit" in my office, I now couldn't open my door all the way and regularly started the day banging the door square into the table.

The organizing part of brain screamed at me to fix it every day. So on a day devoted to cleaning the office for an important upcoming visit, I got out a borrowed measuring tape and started working on how to rearrange my office to make everything fit.  
Measurements + Microsoft Paint = rough way to lay out a room
I came up with two actually workable layouts and one dream layout - which for some reason I didn't take a picture of  - I guess because deep down I knew that 1/4 inch made it a pointless effort.
Workable 1

Workable 2
In the end, I ended up scrapping the printer cart and adding another vertical file cabinet - of course not using any of the layouts I drew out.

My extra table became the catch all during the furniture shifting.

Desk shifted with the two tall filing cabinets.
I got 4 drawers more than before, and now I have to be a giant to read the screen of my printer (or climb on my desk), but there are pros and cons of every space - especially small ones.

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