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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Unexpected Violence

Two posts today (second is coming) and both ironically stem from loss and how a person deals with it.

I woke up Monday morning after a lovely and relaxed weekend. Turned on the news to catch the weather (mostly what I use the morning news for) and was faced with stories of death, rioting, and vandalism only 5 miles from me. While I was living my individual life, a nearby town was starting to self-destruct.

Green star is our house, red star is center of rioting.
My first reactions were incredulity and disgust. How could people (a huge crowd of people) make such angry and destructive decisions to hurt the very community on which they and so many others rely. Throughout the day my disbelief mounted at hearing that news of the riots had traveled around the world, having discussion with co-workers of varying points of view, and eventually at actually considering whether it would be safer for my family to pack up some stuff and find shelter with friends further away from the violence.

We chose to lock down our house and make it as secure as possible, but with 9 windows that can be reached from the ground at our house, we knew that no matter how much we locked up, we would have to leave our fate in higher hands that night.

My disgust and sadness has continued to grow each morning that I turn on the tv and find that the rioting has continued through the previous night. Destruction is not any way to gain justice or mourn unexpected loss. Saying it is is just an excuse for bad behavior.

I refuse to speak to the catalyst of all this because I do not know enough about the situation to speak about it without throwing in miles of speculation, assumption, and personal bias. I do however wish the best for the families damaged by all of this, innocent victims and perpetrators alike. Maybe we will all learn our respective lessons and become better people.

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