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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Challenge Accepted

My friend Janna - who is awesomely insightful - put a challenge out there and I am going to accept it.

I love to learn and when I'm not in school I tend to read only for fun - which means fiction - and forget to pick up books for other reasons.  If I'm working on a project, I will read non-fiction, but then it's for a project, not just for general knowledge.

So I am accepting Janna's challenge and I check four books in three topic areas out of the library to read to expand my knowledge.

My first topic is gardening.  Our house has multiple garden beds and some very random plants planted in some very random places in our yard.  I have spent my life avoiding gardening. I'm a ginger - burns easily - with asthma - allergic to all pollen and cut grass.  Not a great combo for spending loads of time outside working in a garden.  However, with this house comes the responsibility to take care of the lawn and decide whether to keep the gardens, redo them or remove them.  In order to do that I have to learn something about gardening. So I picked up two books:
copyright Lauren Clancy 2014
This handy little book is right up my alley. It's not a "For Dummies" book, but it breaks it down into easy, manageable sections. And it will help us decide what to do with the patio in the front yard that is uneven and has very odd retaining walls.

copy right Lauren Clancy 2014

 The Culpeper's Color Herbal will, I hope, help me learn different herbs and what they look like. I know I have mint by the back steps, but am unsure if there are any other herbs growing back there. I'd rather know before I rip up the garden and start over.

The next topic is yarn crafting. :) I have made it known I am a knitter and crocheter. I love the work, but have never taken the time to really learn the different kinds of yarn and all their very distinct personalities.  I'm hoping that The Book of Yarn will help with that.
copy right Lauren Clancy 2014
Lastly, I am working on my spirituality and my relationship with my higher power.  I have always been drawn to paganism and have done some studying on the subject, but I walked away from it for various reason that I don't feel are applicable any more. I am now going to start afresh and see if the pull is just because I walked away or if it fits better this time around.
copy right Lauren Clancy 2014
I urge you to take up your own challenge this school year. Learn something new, just because.

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  1. Awesome Possum! This big sister is beaming with PRIDE! Got something for you next time we get together. I