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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fabulously Free - World Bird Sanctuary

Saint Louis is home to many free and cheap attractions and we're all about making sure the tourists aren't the only visitors by having discounts for our residents.  This is a series that will last as long as I can find cool free stuff to do in the STL area.  Recommendations are welcome!

*Warning - this post is picture heavy!*

The long Labor Day weekend brought fun and lots of family into our life. On Saturday Liam spent the day with Grandma and Grandpa Denny and two of his cousins, Rose and Evan. They had hot dogs, went swimming, and had Ted Drewes.  It was a last weekend of summer type of day.

On Sunday, we all met up with the Bartnick clan and headed over to the World Bird Sanctuary in Valley Park.
Rory is the bird and Sophie is the falconer.
There are birds, art, a hiking trail, and more birds.
The sign leaves out all the other types of birds. Silly sign.
The animal hospital is at the entrance to the outdoor exhibits and you can look through a window to see the animals in recovery.  On the porch of the hospital are painting of different birds and bird houses for sale.
4 of the paintings on the porch.
Bird Houses for sale
The variety of birds is amazing from endangered to the every day - I didn't note all the types as I took their pictures, so hope you enjoy their majesty without knowing what they are.

The kiddo's had a good time running, trying to mimic bird calls, and just enjoying being together.

Even Claire got in on the excitement
They were gobbling at the turkeys trying to get a response.

The "Eagle's Nest"
There was an representation of an eagle's nest for the kids to learn from and to play in.
The only disappointment we had was because Rory loves feathers so we thought we could collect her some for her collection on this trip. We found out when we got there that they don't allow you to take any feathers out of the sanctuary because it is illegal to own feathers from endangered birds.

After our walk through the outdoor area, we headed to a picnic bench and broke out our mobile feast.

Once we refueled, we headed over to their nature center to check out the snakes, a couple birds that need to be inside, and a collection of bones and furs to learn from.
This little owl had one eye and was so sweet.

They have some amazing sights at the Sanctuary and I'm sure we'll never forget our trip there.

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  1. Your eagle photo is wonderful! I'm so glad you spent the day together.