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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Art for Fun

I have dropped the ball on the blogging for 31 days. Catching a bug that makes you want to sleep for 16+ hours a day and stare at the ceiling for the other 8 will derail the best laid plans. But I bet you can guess I'm feeling better. :)

Something I did make myself do while I was sick was keep my head busy. I finished all the Rick Riordan books I talked about in Demigods Visit My Living Room. I also colored.

The crayons and other art box was still out in the living room from Liam's sickness just days before mine and I had gotten some coloring sheets - adult style - when he was sick so I could color with him.  I colored a couple different ones but this is my favorite.

I think I may start coloring more often. I really enjoyed doing it.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Book Suggestion for Rory

Dearest Roo (and Keva really),

Your mom said you tried to read the first book in the percy jackson series and you were't quite ready for it.

I just finished the kane chronicles and i think this might be something you'd enjoy now. i also think your mom would love to read them with you.

the main characters are a brother and sister who don't get along all that well but love each other anyway. they go on some pretty crazy adventures.

your mom will like the use of egyptian mythology. below is a picture of the first book cover. i bet you could find it at the library.

The next two, pictured below, are just as much fun!

if you decide to give the red pyramid a try, let me know what you think.

aunt lauren

p.s. please forgive the lack of capitalization, my app isn't working properly.

note for keva: the mom is dead in this book, the dad is in danger, and there are quite a few creepy creatures -think about weird critter pictures in ancient egyptian art and you'll know what i mean.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Night In

What are the best plans for a friday night?

Snuggling up in a comfy chair, in a warm blanket, with something entertaining.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

sick kid activities

What do you do with a feverish toddler who refuses to sleep but feels so yucky the he doesn't even want to watch tv?

Why you pick up new coloring books and curl up on the couch together.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Sick kid

We have a slightly sick kiddo. :(

Sean texted me this photo about 9:30 this morning.
Not long after he passed out on the floor.

Sean and I went on to exchange texts and phone calls through out the rest of my work day. Temp went up, lethargy picked up.

On my way home, I stopped to pick up a new kid friy thermometer.

And a small treat because he was not drinking much.
With some tylenol, he's doing a little better.

We'll see how he's doing tomorrow.

Day 10 #writeandrun31.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Break time vs. Excuse me, I'm just feeling lazy

How do you tell the difference between when you really need a break, or when you are rationalizing excuses because it just seems too hard? (prompt provided by #writeandrun31)

My family is loaded with A-type personalities. If you know my dad, you're probably nodding your head right about now. :) I'm the closest to a B in the lot and if you ask my friends (or my husband who is definitely a B), I'm an A through and through. 
Photo Credit
For people like us, this is a really hard question. Generally even when I genuinely need or should take a break, I push to do more with a feeling as if I'm not doing enough. On the flip side, I get overwhelmed when something is too big, but really needs to be done. That's when the procrastinator in my kicks in.

Typically when that happens, I turn to my favorite outlets and find a way to turn them into a "must-do" project. The TV to do list is great example of that. What am I getting out of watch 7 seasons of Buffy in a month. Could I get the same outcome taking 2 or more months, or even another week? What am I not accomplishing because I'm watching Buffy instead?

***TANGENT - Now in my defense I was in a present making frenzy when I watched all that Buffy, so I was accomplishing something else while I was watching Buffy - don't get me started on my need to do something else while I watch TV. TANGENT ENDED***

And just asking those questions leads to feeling guilty about enjoying something outside of what "needs" to be done.

I am working on this when it comes to work. (I have a boss who pushes me to find a work-life balance) Being a 1 car family helps immensely with leaving work on time and making myself just stop. I try not to think of all I have to accomplish and that it would take me months, if not years, to get it all done. Instead I focus on what needs to be done right now and what I should be planning for so I can accomplish things more easily in the future.

To say the least this is a work-in-progress thing for me.  I'd love to hear if any one is successful at this and what they do to keep that balance.

Day 9 of #writeandrun31 challenge.

Monday, January 12, 2015

TV to do list

I am a fan of stories (as if you couldn't tell). Any format will do. Television is one of my favorites.

I recently rewatched all 7 seasons of Buffy and now I'm making my way through Angel (a spin-off).

Also on deck are series 8 of Doctor Who and season 2 of Arrow.

I love immersing myself in another world, the more fantastical the better sometimes. You can learn a lot about random things when you do. I also find its just a lot of fun.

Day 8 (yup I missed day 7) of #writeandrun31

Saturday, January 10, 2015


Between the work party last night and a conversation about it with a co-worker who chose not to attend today, I've thinking about how strange people like my co-worker and I must seem to our more outgoing counterparts.o.

Typically parties are not my thing. I prefer one-on-one or a small group. Awkward and uncomfortable is generally how I feel unless I'm hosting the party. Watching my more outgoing co-workers I generally feel left out, envious of how easily they interact, and hopeless of ever being easy in a group which makes parties not much fun.

Also large groups of people overwhelm and wear me out. I am still recovering from last night and sadly will walk into another one tomorrow.

Embracing who I am means knowing all of that about myself and make decisions about my activities that allow me to be comfortable. Growth is good, but knowing where to grow matters.

#writeandread31 challenge day 6 (I think.)

Friday, January 9, 2015

Tired, So tired

Today has been long. Full work day, prep for work holiday party. Just rolled in and I'm so ready for bed.

It was a hit of a party. And I came home with a poster of Ghandi from the White Elephant gift exchange.

See you all again tomorrow.

Day ? (I'm to tired to remember) of #writeandrun31 challenge.

Thursday, January 8, 2015


I am a person who loves routine. I get ready in the morning the same way almost every day. Accomplish tasks better when I have previously determined how to do them and when. I think I could blissfully spend my days following the same pattern, in the same order, for exactly the same time.

However, I have found that I stagnate easily when I blindly follow routine. My creative urges slumber; my desire for new ideas, activities, even people seem to hibernate.

As I sit here tonight, bundled up under blankets reading, just like every other night this week. I contemplate and even worry whether I should be changing things up more.

Day 4 of #writeandrun31.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Demigods Visit My Living Room

As a highly voracious reader, it not uncommon for me to read the first book in a series or a world and then decide to devour the entirety of what is published in the series/world. My favorite world has 43 books in it, including short story collections. I try to read all of them every couple of years, usually takes me about a month.

My newest obsessive reading binge is Rick Riordan YA books - Percy Jackson and the Olympians (5), The Heroes of Olympus (5), and the Kane Chronicles (3). Later I will probably try his 8 adult books.
The five books in the Percy Jackson and the Olympian Series.
SO that means I had a stack of 10 books on my end table - I had already finished the first three Percy books when the rest came in at the library. (hence the trying his 8 adult books later)

First let me touch on the fact that they are Young Adult (YA) books.  What are YA books you ask? Books from any genre that feature YA protagonists, tell a story about what that protagonist deals with as a teen, and is generally marketed towards teens. Does this mean its not written intelligently? Not one bit. One of things I love about YA is that the authors assume the reader is intelligent and so they create intelligent characters.

Checkout this list of things to know about YA. #16 is one of the main reasons adults read YA.

Now onto the actual stories. Things I love about the characters, world, and the writing...
1. Each of the characters is a flawed, like real-life character. Each character grows throughout the story, but not so much that it would be unrealistic.

2. The dialog is what people really sound like. And the communication (and lack of sometimes) between characters and the reasons for holding back is authentic.

1. 2 of the series deal with Greek and Roman mythology and the 3rd with Egyptian mythology. Fantastical yes, but educational and interesting all wrapped up together as well.

2. Real world places, adjusted to accommodate the fantastical. In the Percy series, one scene is set in the Arch. The description of riding up in the little egg elevators is down-right perfect.

The writing:
I laugh so much when I read this series. I think Rick does an amazing job of keeping the pace up, the language accessible, and imparting really great ideas.  Check out the quotes below for some examples.

The Lost Hero - The Heroes of Olympus

The Lightning Thief - Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Lightning Thief - Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Lost Hero - The Heroes of Olympus
This is an author I will be sharing with Liam when he gets a little older. It is probably also true that I will revisit these books on my own just for the sheer joy of the stories.

This is Day 3 of the #writeandrun31 challenge. Check out for more info.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


When Sean and I started dating pancake breakfast with the full trimmings, eggs, bacon or sausage, toast, coffee, and juice, were a regular Saturday ritual. Also, we didn't care if we slept till 9 am and ate breakfast at noon.

These days both of those are much more difficult to make happen. We are still not an early rising family and we've been blessed with a child who likes his sleep. But because of the munchkin, we try to keep a fairly good schedule and still eat three meals a day, so breakfast around 11 just doesn't work well. Also, we've become much more realistic with time and $, so generally pancakes only get one partner - eggs.

My solution to the lack of Saturday morning pancake breakfast is that about once a month, I make breakfast for dinner. If I didn't, we'd never have pancakes. And little man LOVES pancakes. I mean who can blame him; they are delicious!

So this past Friday I decided it was pancake breakfast for dinner night. And we were getting special pancakes because the holidays just happened and I over bought on the eggnog - I made eggnog cookies. We had a large quantity of eggnog left and there was no way it was going to get drunk before it expired. Et voila! Eggnog pancakes!

And a special treat happened. We had to run to the grocery store for milk and a couple other staples and we saw bacon on sale. Now we are usually pretty picky about bacon. It needs a decent meat to fat ratio and usually the cheap brands don't stack up, so we forego bacon. BUT this sale was on pretty decent bacon, so we grabbed a pack to add to the dinner menu.

While Liam and I mixed pancake batter (he is the most adorable helper with cooking and baking!) Sean got to cooking bacon. Usually I would make the bacon on the griddle after the pancakes but a double batch of pancakes was on the way and Sean didn't want to wait. :)

This dinner was also different because I decided to change up the regular scrambled eggs for over easy.

I love that dinners like this make it fun for all of use to work together and do something other than exist in the living room while we each do our individual stuff.

YAY for pancakes!

This is Day 2 of the #writeandrun31 challenge. Check out for more info.

Monday, January 5, 2015

New Challenge

Ok, so I may love to write, but writing a blog just hasn't fit with my life the last few months. And sadly, neither has working out.  I was doing pretty good until I fell down the stairs after Thanksgiving, but I haven't really gotten going again (dang you holidays and your yummy foods).

In order to try to remedy that and work on my fitness in the process, I'm accepting the #writeandrun31 challenge. Basically you promise to do something physical - running is so not my thing and I would probably hurt myself if I tried - and something creative - hooray for blogs!

If you want to join me in this lovely challenge, check out

So for the next 31 days - February 5 - I will be yogaing and writing blog posts daily.

They say it takes 21 days to make a habit. Lets see if this will help the exercising and blogging stick a little more in my life.