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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Art for Fun

I have dropped the ball on the blogging for 31 days. Catching a bug that makes you want to sleep for 16+ hours a day and stare at the ceiling for the other 8 will derail the best laid plans. But I bet you can guess I'm feeling better. :)

Something I did make myself do while I was sick was keep my head busy. I finished all the Rick Riordan books I talked about in Demigods Visit My Living Room. I also colored.

The crayons and other art box was still out in the living room from Liam's sickness just days before mine and I had gotten some coloring sheets - adult style - when he was sick so I could color with him.  I colored a couple different ones but this is my favorite.

I think I may start coloring more often. I really enjoyed doing it.

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