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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Break time vs. Excuse me, I'm just feeling lazy

How do you tell the difference between when you really need a break, or when you are rationalizing excuses because it just seems too hard? (prompt provided by #writeandrun31)

My family is loaded with A-type personalities. If you know my dad, you're probably nodding your head right about now. :) I'm the closest to a B in the lot and if you ask my friends (or my husband who is definitely a B), I'm an A through and through. 
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For people like us, this is a really hard question. Generally even when I genuinely need or should take a break, I push to do more with a feeling as if I'm not doing enough. On the flip side, I get overwhelmed when something is too big, but really needs to be done. That's when the procrastinator in my kicks in.

Typically when that happens, I turn to my favorite outlets and find a way to turn them into a "must-do" project. The TV to do list is great example of that. What am I getting out of watch 7 seasons of Buffy in a month. Could I get the same outcome taking 2 or more months, or even another week? What am I not accomplishing because I'm watching Buffy instead?

***TANGENT - Now in my defense I was in a present making frenzy when I watched all that Buffy, so I was accomplishing something else while I was watching Buffy - don't get me started on my need to do something else while I watch TV. TANGENT ENDED***

And just asking those questions leads to feeling guilty about enjoying something outside of what "needs" to be done.

I am working on this when it comes to work. (I have a boss who pushes me to find a work-life balance) Being a 1 car family helps immensely with leaving work on time and making myself just stop. I try not to think of all I have to accomplish and that it would take me months, if not years, to get it all done. Instead I focus on what needs to be done right now and what I should be planning for so I can accomplish things more easily in the future.

To say the least this is a work-in-progress thing for me.  I'd love to hear if any one is successful at this and what they do to keep that balance.

Day 9 of #writeandrun31 challenge.


  1. You and me both sister! I have the same issues, except with 3 kiddos I don't have the luxury of sitting down and watching 7 seasons of Buffy, but that sounds AMAZING! :) Mitch pushes me to relax, and I push him into action. Everything will never be "all" done. You're on the right track. Don't sweat the small stuff....most of it is small stuff. :) Atta girl! :)

    Btw, Mitch and I were just talking the other day about how I'm an A type personality. LOL!!

  2. I know you two think that dad and I are type A-personalities- but we have fought the same fight that you both have, you were too young to see it (just like yours are now)...I can't count the many times we sat on the couch and watched TV or movies with you guys instead of doing what should have been done.