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Thursday, January 8, 2015


I am a person who loves routine. I get ready in the morning the same way almost every day. Accomplish tasks better when I have previously determined how to do them and when. I think I could blissfully spend my days following the same pattern, in the same order, for exactly the same time.

However, I have found that I stagnate easily when I blindly follow routine. My creative urges slumber; my desire for new ideas, activities, even people seem to hibernate.

As I sit here tonight, bundled up under blankets reading, just like every other night this week. I contemplate and even worry whether I should be changing things up more.

Day 4 of #writeandrun31.

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  1. I do and feel the same way. :) My way to change it up is to pick a project and work on it at least 2 nights a week to break up the routine. xooxoxoxoxoxox