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Saturday, January 10, 2015


Between the work party last night and a conversation about it with a co-worker who chose not to attend today, I've thinking about how strange people like my co-worker and I must seem to our more outgoing counterparts.o.

Typically parties are not my thing. I prefer one-on-one or a small group. Awkward and uncomfortable is generally how I feel unless I'm hosting the party. Watching my more outgoing co-workers I generally feel left out, envious of how easily they interact, and hopeless of ever being easy in a group which makes parties not much fun.

Also large groups of people overwhelm and wear me out. I am still recovering from last night and sadly will walk into another one tomorrow.

Embracing who I am means knowing all of that about myself and make decisions about my activities that allow me to be comfortable. Growth is good, but knowing where to grow matters.

#writeandread31 challenge day 6 (I think.)

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