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Friday, February 13, 2015

Hell of a Week

This week was a roller coaster. This week had my head spinning multiple times. This week has way too much going on for a person like me to handle gracefully.

Me - Sinus Infection morphed into double ear infection and by Friday morning my voice was going in and out and my throat was on fire. Let's add in an emotional funk that hit and held on hard for about 48 hours and lots of impromptu crying for no fathomable reason. And missing roughly 2 days of work between sickness and dr appts for me and munchkin.
Liam - Cold with a cough that kept getting wetter. Friday morning brought eyes glued shut from pink eye goop (which of course showed itself AFTER we left his dr appointment on Thursday)
Sean - Was actually healthy until Thursday night when hit with severe nausea. He turned whiter than a sheet within 10 minutes and lost considerable sleep overnight to finally feel a little better by Friday morning.

Me: Baked a new sweet treat recipe that included from scratch pie crust and they turned out pretty well. And for all the illness, actually feel fairly normal, which is totally strange.
Liam - had his Parents As Teachers Assessment (very good results) and has been behaving awesomely. Little meltdowns here and there but he wouldn't be a three year old if there weren't.
Sean: Had a job interview that he thought went well

It's Friday night. This week has exhausted me. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and they are calling for snow. I can't wait to open the blinds and watch the snow fall with a cup of tea and my two favorite people. And not have anything/anyone demanding anything from us.


  1. I have the same wish for you - snow is peaceful - especially on a day where you can stay home, cuddle with those you love, and rest!

  2. Awe! Sugar! Let me know If you need anything.