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Friday, February 20, 2015

Pie + Cookies = Pie Cookies

I LOVE to cook. Give me a pantry, and pots and pans, and I will concoct a meal without much inspiration or help. In fact, give me recipe to follow and I'll probably make adjustments along the way. I think of cooking as having fun and using creativity. Every once in a while something goes wrong, but never so wrong it can't be eaten. (knocking on wood)

But baking is a whole other matter. In high school I had two very not so great baking incidences which convinced me for a good long while that I could not bake. Not anything less than I absolutely did not have the ability to bake.

Now it's 10+ years later, I've rescued myself from box mixes as the only option, and I am getting my feet wet in baking. I love making cornbread and cookies. Getting better with cakes and other breads, but I had yet to try pie.

I found a recipe for pie cookies and was intrigued enough to make the decision to stretch a little. Now this recipe calls for pre-made pie crust (2 crusts - one for top and one for bottom) and I could have gone that route, but my mom makes amazing pie crusts and I know how much better from scratch can taste.

So I hunted up a pie crust recipe, called my mom for some advice, and then promptly got cold feet and waited 3 days before diving into the project. When I finally made myself stop bowing to the fear, this is what came out:

Basically mini pies the size and ease of eating as cookies.

And of course I couldn't follow the recipe - I did not go for lemonade pie cookies, I made chocolate and blueberry. The blueberry turned out much better than the chocolate.

Also, the recipe says that with the store bought pie crusts you get about 13 cookies. But if I was going to do all that work, I was gonna get more than 13 cookies. So I quadrupled the crust recipe so I could make two different flavors.

Tips (what I learned making this): DO NOT EVER quadruple a pie crust recipe and try to make it all in one bowl. It does not work well. It throws your water requirements off, takes forever to cut in your fats, and it gets so too much to work with.
roll out the dough way thinner than a normal pie crust thickness or the cookies take too long to bake and there is way more dough to filling ratio that is yummy.

Tips from my mom:
Always use a metal mixing bowl and put it in the fridge to get nice and cold before you use it.
Put your rolling pin in the fridge too
Don't leave the dough in the fridge for too long before rolling out - like 10 minutes
If you decide to take on thir project or you love/hate working wiht pie crust, I'd love to hear your tips, tricks, and stories!

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